The term "threnody" originates from the Greek "thanatos"definition death, plus "oide"elucidation song.
First Stanza: "The south-wind brings"
In the 1st stanza, the spokesman remarks"The south-wind "brings / Life,,sunshine and appetite but it want not longer send those asset to his son,for"over the die [the south-wind] has not power." Then the speaker makes it clear that he is bereaved: "And,looking over the hills I mourn / The beloved who shall never return."
Second Stanza: "I discern my blank house"
The globe looks bleak to this speaker; his house seems blank without "the wondrous infant He afresh repeats the detriment of the lad who "has vanished from the Days eye." The arrogant grieving father likewise mourns,as the lad was "gracious"plus"adorn[ed] / The globe whereinto he was connate"
Third Stanza: "And whither swiftly my truant wise plus sweet"
In the third stanza, the speaker addresses his son immediately asking him where he is The boys child-ways pleased not only his arrogant father,barely likewise"fairest dames plus bearded men / Who listened the sweet request" of this baby would block their required businesses to mend his dolls plus enjoy conversation with this young lad.
Fourth Stanza: "Gentlest guardians marked serene"
In the fourth stanza,Uggs Outlet Online, the speaker recollect his rejoice along watching the guy work to school,Jordan 7 Olympic Free Online Literature Reviews as. The children seemed favor"Cupids studiously inclined He takes pleasure in memorizing Waldos having been appreciated and followed by other school children,Cheap Uggs.
Fifth Stanza: "From the skylight I watch out"
The speaker then recollections other periods while looking out of his window he saw his son playing, "Stately marching in crown plus coat / To some tune onward fairies played; / A song heard onward thee alone." The speaker can still discern the same sights his son saw, the fowl yard, the shed, the barn." His son adored to watch the brook that still flows meantime"the deep-eyed Boy namely gone"
Read on Book of Poetry is a Tribute to Birds Philosophy namely Plato and Transcending Boundaries Louisa May Alcott Biography and Novels Sixth Stanza: "On that shaded day
The sixth stanza afresh notes how the globe and nature continue with their natural ways meanwhile"the feet / Of the highest beautiful and sweet / Of human teens ha[s] left the hill He pours out his heart wishing that some great coerce of nature "Could bend to heal that only babe"
Seventh Stanza: "O infant of Paradise!"
The spokesman groans honest"I am too much bereft." And he after complains, "The earth dishonored thou has left." He afterward laments even extra strongly, "O trusted broken prediction / O richest fortune sourly crossed; / Born as the future to the hereafter lost!" He is heartbroken that his beloved son longing never be learned to brighten the hereafter.
Eighth Stanza: "The deep Heart answered Weepest thou?"
The agony of the speaker educes 1 answer from the Divine, Who reminds the speaker of ancient philosophy which teaches almost the immortality of the soul: "Whose eyes among his eyes beheld / Heaven's numerous hierarchy span / The mystic bay from God to male"
Ninth Stanza: "I came to thee as to a friend"
The Divine then reminds the speaker that He came to the speaker in the shape of his son to school him
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