Many consumers assume that local retailers prefer FTD Flowers only sell fresh flowers made within America,

After all how can flowers imported from distant countries stay fresh long enough to be acclimate as bouquets alternatively other ornamental purposes?

If packed and stored properly, fresh flowers can be imported from nearly the world. After removing customs, retailers slit the imported flowers into accustomed floral arrangements for allocation to regional buyers.

So, from which countries do the highest new types of fresh flowers originate?
Top Suppliers of Imported Fresh Roses
Americans imported $316 million worth of fresh roses within 2009, down two.1% from 2008. Fresh roses are accustom among bouquets and other ornamental decorations along weddings and other special events.
Colombia .. US$244.7 million (77.2% of US absolute up 2%)Ecuador .. $60.4 million (19.1%, down 14.5%)Mexico .. $5.1 million one.6%, down 13.3%)Guatemala , $4.two million 1,Coach Factory Outlet Book Review Conquering Venus.3%, up eight.4%)Kenya .. $1.7 million (0.54%, up 71.9%)Netherlands .. $278,278 (0.09%, down 55.7%)Costa Rica .. $153,677 (0.05%, down 88.9%)Uganda .. $83,420 (0,Coach Outlet Store.03%, up 60,Coach Factory.9%)South Africa .. $56,799 (0.02%, down 61.2%)Canada .. $40,729 (0.013%, down Guatemala, Kenya and Uganda were learned to grow their sales of imported fresh roses to the U.S. last yearly,Coach Outlet.
Top Suppliers of Imported Fresh Chrysanthemums
The emulating seven countries sold $75.8 million worth of fresh chrysanthemums likewise called mums alternatively chrysanths) to American importers surrounded 2009. This represents a 10.4% add among demand for imported fresh mums from the prior annual.
Read aboard Romantic Gifts & Flowers aboard Big alternatively Tight Budgets The Best Mother's Day Flowers to Give Wedding Cake Flowers Colombia .. US$75.two million (99.2% of US absolute up 13.2%)Costa Rica .. $378,526 (0.5%, down 76.1%)Ecuador.. $195,218 (0.3%, down 67.2%)Canada .. $32,707 (0.04%, down six.1%)Gabon .. $7,164 (0.01%, up from nothingness among 2008)Dominican Republic .. $2,730 (0.004%, down 16.1%)Mexico .. $2,457 (0.003%, up from nothingness in 2008).
Among the aboard fresh bloom jobbers the largest supplier Colombia increased its dominance of American imported chrysanthemums forward class="dynamic">Top Suppliers of Imported Fresh Carnations
Colombia likewise dominated the team of 4 countries that attach supplied $55.nine million worth of fresh carnations to the U.S. last annual That aggregate represents an 11,Ford Motors Goes Where the Money Is.1% slip from 2008.
Colombia .. US$55.four billion (99.1% of US perfect down 10.1% from 2008)Ecuador ,Coach Outlet Store Online.. $287,986 (0.5%, down 56.2%)Mexico .. $187,843 (0.3%, down 65%)Netherlands .. $11,384 (0.2%, up it namely secure to mention that sales of imported fresh carnations were down last daily Dutch suppliers did accomplish a small earn of virtually $3,Jordan 4 Thunder Epigraphs Used by William P Young,500.
Top Suppliers of Imported Fresh Orchids
Fresh orchids are also accustom among bouquets and ornamental displays The U.S. imported $11.three million worth of fresh orchids among 2009, down 14.5% from one year earlier.
Thailand .. US$6.7 million (59.4% of US perfect down four.9%)Netherlands .. $3 million (26.3%, down 29.7%)New Zealand .. $1 million nine.1%,no alter)Malaysia .. $414,564 3.7%, up 3.5%)Vietnam .. $98,438 (0.9%, up from naught among 2008)Taiwan .. $29,236 (0.3%, down 67.8%)Guatemala .. $23,511 (0.21%, up from nothingness in 2008)South Africa &helli
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